Business was changing. Customers were changing. Gold Eagle needed to change,too.  Gold Eagle wanted to provide customers with the ability to buy our products directly from us but also serving them the right product and right information. As the Director of Digital Marketing I led the digital transformation, which included realigning and growing a team, building an e-commerce site, and launching a new company website. I identified, hired, and managed our agency partners, too.

Project Overview

Why: Meet consumers’ needs by creating a platform via through for an enhanced buying and education experience.

Who: As Digital Marketing Director, developed the vision, strategy, tactics, and the          12-team member for transformation. Led cross-functional teams (digital, IT support, brand support, outside agencies) and provided updates to senior leadership team.

When: 16-week development schedule, completed on-time.


  • Launch new website selling and marketing direct to consumers
  • Introduce inbound marketing strategy  – See Inbound Marketing Strategy
  • Revamp customer service process
  • Align CRM strategy with inbound marketing tactics

Company Website Developmental Process

Overview - Ring


How [did we do]:

  • Project completed on time and on budget
  • +13% in annual website visitors
  • +20% increase in email open rate
  • +20% increase in click thru rate
  • grew average consumer buying conversion from .002% to 1%

Leading and seeing this initiative through was a huge accomplishment for myself and the company as it helped set the stage for future programs and the way we go to market at Gold Eagle.  This program also opened up new change initiatives on our leading manufacturing process, logistics and opening up new business opportunities with new products and industries.

Please visit to see the work that has been done.